Industry 4.0 : Automation, digitalization is way to productivity

Automation and digitalization leads to higher production rates and increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, better product quality, improved safety, shorter workweeks for labour, and reduced factory lead times.

Customized Intelligence

Our robot can handle heavy totes and boxes of different sizes from conveyors, shelves of different heights upto 200cm. Transporting from warehouse to assembly line.

Adaptive robots for flexible warehouse

We focus on fast deployment solutions that offer flexibility in changing environments and warehouse layouts.


Robots will take instructions from the workers for tasks and location changes.


State of the art autonomous navigation for cluterred environment. Novel manipulators to handle different sizes of totes and boxes from different pick and place location.

Innovative solutions enabling Optimization 4.0

Our robotic solution will help warehouses and production industries to optimize costs by performing heavy box and totes handeling tasks that were mostly done by humans until now.
Solutions optimized to work along with humans in complex environments.

  • Flexibilty

    Adaptive to changing warehouse layouts and pick/place locations.

  • Manipulation

    Autonomous detection of boxes and grasping stratergies for manipulation.

  • Avoid injuries

    Robots handle heavy totes and box lifting tasks and save manual workers from injuries.

  • Integration time

    Fast integration and minimal change to infrastructure of the warehouse for deployment.

  • More than repetition

    Unlike tradition robots, robust stratergies for changing environments and tasks.

  • 24x7 optimization

    Round the clock execution of tasks and reduced costs.


UMA Team comes with 20+ Years cumulative experience in Machine Learning & Software Development and robotics.

Suchit Sharma - Expert in machine learning and robotics. He has made two mobile robots with indoor and outdoor autonomous navigation. He has 10 years of combined experience in robotics and machine learning, IOT, rapid prototyping, hardware hacking and software development. Well connected with researched institutes and robotics community. He did his master thesis at DLR, German Aerospace Agency in Munich.